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With a wealth of cultural and artistic events, Padua is one of the liveliest cities in Veneto. Lose yourself along its arcades, which the Paduan people are very proud of, with various styles, from Gothic to Romanesque, Renaissance, Neoclassical and modern, where you can sit in refined restaurants, enjoy the atmosphere of the old taverns or to sip a glass of good wine sitting at a table at one of the historic bars. Let yourself be guided on an emotion-filled walk, discovering the artistic and cultural traditions of this lively university city, recognised by UNESCO as Urbs Picta, the painted city, thanks to its architectural and historical marvels.

Long live Padua!

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Scrovegni Chapel Symbol

A symbol of fourteenth-century Italian painting, representing a triumph of artistic beauty. An artistic journey of discovery of art and emotion.

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Botanical Garden

A place that contains and protects over 7 thousand examples of plant species that will take you all around the world.

Experiences 5
A walk to discover Padua

Lose yourself along the streets of Padua, admiring the architectural and historic marvels, stopping and trying the excellent local food.

Experiences 6
Museums of Padua

Discover all the museums of Padua, a captivating experience that will lead you through art, history and culture.